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Expert Trenching

Our turn-key, comprehensive project services employ state of the art machinery
capable of trenching in even the tightest, most challenging sites.

Supply & Return Lines

LoopTech installs supply and return HDPE lines. Typical sizes
range from 2” to 12”; however, our team can install any size.

Thermal Conductivity Testing

Within the design phase of a GeoExchange project, LoopTech provides the necessary data via a TC test.
This test provides an accurate measurement of the thermal-conductivity value of the existing soil conditions.

LoopTech Completes Loop Field Installation for Ball State University
New Waverly, Texas — LoopTech International, a premier full service geothermal installation company, reached substantial completion status for the final phase of the geothermal loop field installation for Ball State University located in Muncie, Indiana. The total project is the largest public geothermal system in the U.S. This phase took over one year to complete and included the installation 802 bores – 500’ deep totaling over 75 miles of geothermal drilling and loop installation, graphite grout placement, several monitoring wells, along with all of the manifold connections.
LoopTech Selected to Assist in Design & Geo Installation Using Hybrid Greensleeves Model for Conroe Police Station
New Waverly, Texas — LoopTech International, in partnership with Greensleeves LLC, the company that designs highly efficient environmental systems which reduce heating and air-conditioning cost in commercial and public buildings by 30-50 percent, recently proposed a solution and it was accepted by th e design team for the new Conroe Police Station.
LoopTech Installs Geothermal in Platinum Certified LEED Project at New Eco-Friendly Office Building in Memorial City
New Waverly, Texas — LoopTech International was selected by Gowan Mechanical Services and has successfully completed the exterior geothermal loop field installation at the MetroNational Treehouse in Memorial City. Russell Buras, President & CEO, said that obtaining the highest LEED qualification for a building is not an easy task but is made easier when you install the most efficient havc system possible with geothermal.

About LoopTech

Founded in 1984, LoopTech specializes in clean energy solutions through the installation of vertical closed loop heat exchangers for ground source heat pumps.

LoopTech has installed these GeoExchange systems in seventeen states as well as Saudi Arabia and Mexico. LoopTech provides full service for all types of commercial and residential applications utilizing its fleet of drilling and installation equipment. We have developed several creative innovations for the GeoExchange industry.

The company was founded by Ralph Cadwallader to diversify his growing water well company. He believed strongly in the use of water source heat pumps as a natural means of energy conservation.

GeoExchange has been available for several decades but has often been misunderstood. As a sustainable EPA and Department of Energy approved technology, this real energy saver is now being deployed in many wide scale applications.

The Benefits

GeoExchange technology uses a series of sealed piping loops buried in the ground that tap the renewable energy of the earth. These loops create a better heat transfer medium than traditional air source systems. It is so efficient that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has stated, “GeoExchange systems are the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean and cost-effective space conditioning system available today.”

  • Payback on Initial Capital Investment, Typically 5-7 Years
  • High Efficiency System Saving from 40-70%
  • Minimal Maintenance: 50+ Year Life Cycle on Loop Field
  • Dependable Service
  • Enhanced Aesthetic: No Outside Exposed Equipment
  • Less Noise Pollution
  • Free Hot Water
  • Minimal Liability: 5-10 Year Warranty
  • Green Friendly: LEED Experienced
  • Vandal/Hurricane Proof

Our Services

With over 40,000 loop installations, LoopTech delivers comprehensive services with the utmost in quality. Our “real world” experience enables a professional and value engineered approach.

  • Consulting & Estimation
  • Thermal Conductivity Testing
  • Loop Field Design
  • Drilling & Loop Installation
  • Enhanced Thermal Conductivity Grouting
  • Trenching
  • Exterior Manifolds
  • Poly Vaults
  • Supply & Return Lines
  • Interior Piping
  • Flushing & Purging
  • System Monitoring
  • Field Warranty & Performance Contracting
  • Tax Incentives
  • Geo-CSI